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22 September 2006 @ 07:30 pm
From Canon to Sydney  

I've traumatized a friend concerning my treatment of rabid plot bunnies. When one showed up as we were chatting I did my usual routine:


She promptly called the Bunny Protection Society headed by Kuchiki Rukia, and two shinigami (the head herself and Kurosaki Ichigo as reluctant assistant) were at my doorstep in a flash. >_< I was fortunate a passing plus soul distracted them else I might be a ghost typing at my keyboard right now.

Anyway, please refrain from mentioning Tantei Gakuen Q and Saint Seiya Myth~The Lost Canvas (I can't remember the whole title of that dratted thing) else I might be mobbed by another wave of RPB. Better safe than sorry.

Things I know we need to do:
Priority: Death Games
Crossovers: Yu-gi-oh! x Vagrant Story, Yu-gi-oh! x CSI, Harry Potter x Vagrant Story
HikaGo-related: Modelling AU, fantasy AU with Sephiroth as Akira's dad, future AU where Akira and others are crimefighting peeps. XD

Anything else?

- Canon

P.S. Want to turn this into a shared journal? I just read how to do it in Tin's. :D
P.P.S. Ketsumeishi's Wakage no Itari makes me think of CaptoBin. Tasukete! X_x
P.P.P.S. I know - I'm making Tari's Interlude. :D
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